Monday, 22 Jul 2024

Athletes Unlimited Reinvents Women’s Indoor Pro League

Athletes Unlimited, the renowned innovator in professional sports, is making waves once again with the launch of the first-ever women’s indoor volleyball league. Following the success of their groundbreaking softball league, Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is set to make its debut in February 2021 in the United States.

In this exciting new league, 48 of the world’s top players, including members of the U.S. National Team, accomplished professionals, and recent NCAA graduates, will compete in a season taking place in a single city at one venue. With official sanctioning from USA Volleyball, the league benefits from a wide range of strategic advisory services.

A Star-Studded Lineup

Athletes Unlimited has already secured the commitments of three exceptional players for their first season. Olympic medalists Jordan Larson, Foluke Akinradewo, and Molly McCage are the league’s first signings. Larson, a two-time USA Volleyball Female Indoor Player of the Year, and Akinradewo, regarded as one of the world’s best middle blockers, bring their wealth of experience to the league. McCage, the University of Texas’ all-time block assist leader, adds her formidable skills to the mix. These three players will also contribute their expertise to the Player Advisory Board, which will shape the league’s rules and policies.

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An Innovative Approach

Athletes Unlimited leagues are known for their innovative approach to sports, and volleyball is no exception. Athletes earn points based on both team wins and individual performance, creating champions within the team sport. Every play counts towards points, ensuring constant changes to the leaderboard. Additionally, teams are reshuffled each week, with the top four athletes in the standings serving as captains and drafting their teams.

Strong Support and Advisory Board

Athletes Unlimited has assembled an impressive Advisory Board consisting of influential figures from the sports, business, and entertainment sectors. Members include soccer icon Abby Wambach, NBA champion Kevin Durant, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, and many more. This esteemed group will provide strategic advice and support to help Athletes Unlimited maintain its best practices as the organization grows.

Looking Towards the Future

The expansion of Athletes Unlimited comes at a time when many sporting events are being canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. However, Athletes Unlimited’s innovative time-tested concepts, such as shorter seasons and centralized locations, have become the blueprint for other leagues seeking to compete during these challenging times.

Join the Excitement

Athletes Unlimited invites sports enthusiasts to be part of this groundbreaking movement. With faster play, dynamic teams, and unparalleled engagement, Athletes Unlimited is setting new standards for professional sports. For more information on Athletes Unlimited, their volleyball and softball leagues, and upcoming announcements, visit their website at and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Q: When will the Athletes Unlimited Volleyball league commence?

A: The inaugural season of Athletes Unlimited Volleyball is scheduled to start in February 2021.

Q: Who are the first three signings for Athletes Unlimited Volleyball?

A: The league has secured commitments from Jordan Larson, Foluke Akinradewo, and Molly McCage, all highly accomplished athletes with impressive track records.

Q: How does the point system work in Athletes Unlimited leagues?

A: Athletes earn points based on team wins and individual performance, creating champions within the team sport. Points are awarded for every play, ensuring constant changes to the leaderboard.

Q: Who makes up the Advisory Board for Athletes Unlimited?

A: The Advisory Board comprises notable figures from sports, business, and entertainment, including Abby Wambach, Kevin Durant, and Caroline Wozniacki, who provide strategic advice and support to the organization.


Athletes Unlimited is revolutionizing professional sports once again with the launch of its women’s indoor volleyball league. Scheduled to begin in February 2021, this groundbreaking league will feature top players from around the world, offering a unique and intense version of the sport. Athletes Unlimited’s innovative approach, including a dynamic point system and weekly team reshuffling, ensures non-stop excitement for players and fans alike. Supported by a distinguished Advisory Board, Athletes Unlimited is on a mission to reshape the future of professional sports. Join the excitement and follow Athletes Unlimited on their social media platforms for the latest updates.