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Bartsch-Hackley, Carlini Lead Novara to Italian Cup Gold

A pair of talented U.S. Women’s National Team players, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley and Lauren Carlini, showcased their skills and helped Igor Gorgonzola Novara secure the Italian Cup title. The Novara team faced stiff competition from another duo of Team USA members in the gold-medal match, making the victory all the more impressive.

Novara’s Triumph in the Italian Cup

Novara’s road to victory was not easy, but Bartsch-Hackley and Carlini’s contribution played a crucial role in their success. In the semifinals, Novara dominated Unet E-Work Busto Arsizio with a straight-set win, demonstrating their prowess on the court. Bartsch-Hackley’s exceptional performance, with 22 points, including 17 kills, three blocks, and two aces, proved to be instrumental in securing the victory. Carlini’s exceptional setting skills helped Novara achieve a remarkable 50% kill rate and .411 hitting efficiency.

In the gold-medal match against Conegliano, Novara faced a tough challenge as they fell behind with a 2-1 set deficit. However, they displayed their resilience and determination, making a stunning comeback to win the match. Bartsch-Hackley continued to shine with 15 points, including 14 kills, while Carlini’s setting expertise led to a 44% kill rate and a .310 hitting efficiency for Novara. This victory was a testament to their teamwork and ability to perform under pressure.

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Novara’s Journey in the Italian Serie A1

Apart from their Italian Cup triumph, Bartsch-Hackley and Carlini have been key players for Novara in the Italian Serie A1. In a recent match against Club Italia Crai, Novara emerged victorious with a four-set win. Bartsch-Hackley, with her consistent performance, contributed 10 points, while Carlini’s stellar setting skills led to a 51% kill rate and a .347 hitting efficiency for Novara.

Novara currently holds the third position in the Italian Serie A1 and looks forward to their upcoming match against Lardini Filottrano. With their determination and skill, Bartsch-Hackley and Carlini continue to be valuable assets for the Novara team.

Novara’s Success in the European Champions League

In addition to their domestic achievements, Novara has been performing exceptionally well in the European Champions League. With a perfect record so far, Novara has won all three of their matches in Pool C. Their next challenge awaits as they face Minchanka Minsk in their upcoming European Champions League match. Novara’s strong performance in this prestigious tournament highlights their ability to compete at an international level.


Q: Who are the key players in Novara’s Italian Cup victory?
A: Michelle Bartsch-Hackley and Lauren Carlini played pivotal roles in Novara’s Italian Cup triumph. Bartsch-Hackley’s powerful kills and Carlini’s precise setting were instrumental in their team’s success.

Q: How is Novara performing in the Italian Serie A1?
A: Novara currently ranks third in the Italian Serie A1. They have been consistently performing well, thanks to the contributions of Bartsch-Hackley and Carlini.

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Q: What is Novara’s record in the European Champions League?
A: Novara has a perfect record in the European Champions League, winning all three of their matches in Pool C.


Novara’s victory in the Italian Cup is a testament to the exceptional skills of Michelle Bartsch-Hackley and Lauren Carlini, two talented members of the U.S. Women’s National Team. Their performances have not only led Novara to success in domestic and international competitions but also showcased their immense potential as athletes. As Novara continues to compete in the Italian Serie A1 and the European Champions League, Bartsch-Hackley and Carlini’s contributions will be vital in their pursuit of further victories.

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