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Beach Teams Battle for Titles at HP Championships

The USA Volleyball Beach High Performance Championships recently concluded in Manhattan Beach, California, featuring intense competition and exciting finals across eight divisions. Young athletes from different age groups showcased their skills and determination, vying for victory on the sandy courts. Let’s take a closer look at the results and highlights from this exhilarating event.

Girls’ U13 Division

In a thrilling final, London Wijay and Sofia Williams emerged victorious, defeating Malyssa Cawa in a close match. The skill and teamwork displayed by these young athletes was commendable, showcasing their potential and promising future in the sport. Isabella Adishian and Nikole Egan secured the third-place position, demonstrating their talent and determination on the court.

Boys’ U13 Division

The Boys’ U13 division adopted a unique “best of the beach” format, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition. Dominic Shtylla emerged as the champion, displaying exceptional skills and determination. Reiter Madden claimed the second-place position, while Nathaniel Arnold finished third, both demonstrating their abilities and potential in the sport.

Girls’ U15 Division

Gala Trubint and Kelly Belardi dominated the Girls’ U15 division, emerging as the champions after an impressive performance in the final. Their consistent play and aggressive serving helped them secure a well-deserved victory. Chloe Hooker and Delaney Karl took the third-place position, showcasing their skills and determination throughout the tournament.

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Boys’ U15 Division

Marcello Souza and Mick Bakos showcased their talent and determination in the Boys’ U15 division, dominating the competition and claiming the championship title. Their exceptional skills, combined with their coach’s guidance, helped them navigate the challenges and emerge victorious. Christopher Connelly and Nico Paula secured the third-place position after a hard-fought battle.

Girls’ U17 Division

The Girls’ U17 division witnessed intense competition and impressive performances from all participating teams. Delaynie Maple and Meg Kraft emerged as the champions after a thrilling final match. Their growth and improvement throughout the tournament were evident, thanks to the guidance of their coach, Barbra Fontana. Camdyn Doucet and Simone Gibson claimed the third-place position, showcasing their skills and teamwork.

Boys’ U17 Division

Grant Strong and Kyle Johnson displayed exceptional skills and a strong competitive spirit in the Boys’ U17 division, ultimately securing the championship title. Their steadiness and aggression on the court proved to be a winning formula. Luke Turner and Dylan Zacca claimed the third-place position after a hard-fought battle against tough opponents.

Girls’ U19 Division

Audrey and Nicole Nourse, highly talented twins from Newport Beach, California, emerged as the champions in the Girls’ U19 division. Their impressive performance and growth throughout the tournament showcased their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. Brooke Buckner and Jaden Whitmarsh secured the third-place position after an intense competition.

Boys’ U19 Division

Tim Brewster and John Schwengel demonstrated their skills and determination in the Boys’ U19 division, emerging as the champions. Their victory was a result of their peak performance and their ability to rise to the occasion. Dane Johnson and Brett Sheward claimed the second-place position after a hard-fought battle.

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In conclusion, the USA Volleyball Beach High Performance Championships provided a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills, determination, and teamwork. The competition was fierce, and the athletes’ performances were exceptional. Congratulations to all participants for their incredible efforts and achievements.