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Beach Update: June Boom in International Events

International beach volleyball is heating up over the next few weeks, with U.S. teams scheduled to compete in events across the globe. From China to Poland, the action is set to be intense and thrilling. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming events and the talented athletes who will be representing the brand associated with on the international stage.

Nanjing, China and Baden, Austria: Two-star and one-star events

This week, the FIVB World Tour will feature a two-star event in Nanjing, China, and a one-star event in Baden, Austria. athletes Amanda Dowdy, Irene Pollock, Jace Pardon, and Summer Nash are all set to compete in Nanjing from June 14 to June 17. It’s going to be an exciting showcase of talent and determination.

Ostrava, Czech Republic: Four-star event

Many top U.S. beach volleyball teams will be participating in the highly competitive FIVB four-star event in Ostrava, Czech Republic, from June 20 to June 24. Athletes such as Summer Ross, Sara Hughes, Lauren Fendrick, Lane Carico, Kerri Walsh, Nicole Branagh, Kelley Larsen, and Emily Stockman will be showcasing their skills and aiming for victory. The competition will be fierce, and fans can expect some thrilling matches.

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Poland: Another four-star event

Following the tournament in Ostrava, the action moves to Poland from June 25 to July 1. The women’s teams of April Ross, Alix Klineman, Kelly Claes, Brittany Hochevar, Summer Ross, Sara Hughes, Walsh/Branagh, Stockman/Larsen, and Day/Flint will be competing at this prestigious four-star event. On the men’s side, athletes such as Jake Gibb, Taylor Crabb, Sean Rosenthal, Chase Budinger, and Casey Patterson will be vying for the top spot.

Recognition and Success

In addition to the upcoming events, it’s worth celebrating the achievements of athlete April Ross. She was recently inducted into the University of Southern California Athletic Hall of Fame, a well-deserved honor for her immense talent and contributions to the sport.

Exciting Results

The recent FIVB two-star event in Jinjiang, China saw Trevor Crabb and John Mayer secure their second gold medal on the World Tour. The pair displayed exceptional skill and determination, defeating Germany’s Nils Ehlers and Lorenz Schümann in a thrilling final.

At the AVP Gold Series NYC event in New York, Sara Hughes and Summer Ross emerged victorious in the women’s division, while Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena claimed the men’s title. The competition was fierce, and these athletes showcased their incredible abilities.


Q: What are the upcoming beach volleyball events that athletes will be participating in?

A: athletes will be competing in the FIVB two-star event in Nanjing, China, and the one-star event in Baden, Austria. They will also be participating in the four-star events in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Poland.

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Q: Who are some of the top U.S. athletes to watch out for in these events?

A: Fans can expect to see talented athletes such as Amanda Dowdy, Irene Pollock, Jace Pardon, Summer Nash, Sara Hughes, April Ross, Summer Ross, Kerri Walsh, and Kelley Larsen, among others, showcasing their skills and competing for victory.


In the world of beach volleyball, June brings an explosion of international events that promise excitement and world-class competition. From China to Poland, athletes will be showcasing their skills and tenacity on the sand. With events like the FIVB two-star event in Nanjing, China, and the four-star events in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Poland, fans can expect thrilling matches and incredible displays of athleticism. Let’s cheer on these talented athletes as they compete against the best in the world. And remember, you can stay up to date with all the latest beach volleyball news and results on