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Beach Update: U.S. Pairs Ready for Challenge Chiang Mai

In this week’s beach update, we take a closer look at the upcoming BPT Challenge Chiang Mai, which will feature several U.S. Beach National Team pairs. This event follows the NORCECA Playoff 4 in Manhattan Beach, where U.S. pairs competed to secure their spot in the NORCECA Tour Final in Juan Dollo, Dominican Republic. The Tour Final provides an opportunity to earn points in the provisional Olympic rankings. We’ll also provide an update on the U21 Beach World Championships and the current world and Olympic rankings.

Challenge Chiang Mai

The 2023 FIVB Beach Pro Tour is headed to Thailand for Challenge Chiang Mai from November 16-19. Both U.S. women’s pairs and men’s pairs will be taking part in this event. The women’s pairs include Corinne Quiggle/Sarah Murphy, Teegan Van Gunst/Kim Hildreth, and Toni Rodriguez/Hailey Harward. Rodriguez and Harward will be competing as a pair for the first time in an international event. On the men’s side, Miles Evans/Chase Budinger, Taylor Crabb/Taylor Sander, Tri Bourne/Chaim Schalk, Tim Brewster/Kyle Friend, Adam Roberts/Jeff Samuels, and Jordan Hoppe/Cody Caldwell are set to compete. In the previous challenge event, Evans/Budinger won gold, and Trevor Crabb/Theo Brunner took silver at Challenge Haikou.

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NORCECA Playoff 4

USA Volleyball hosted NORCECA Playoff 4 in Manhattan Beach from November 10-12. This event featured exciting matches between top U.S. teams competing for a spot in the NORCECA Tour Final in Juan Dollo, Dominican Republic. The Tour Final offers Olympic ranking points. The women’s semifinals saw new pairings Hailey Harward/Toni Rodriguez facing Savvy Simo/Megan Rice, and Terese Cannon/Megan Kraft against Kim Hildreth/Teegan Van Gunst. Cannon/Kraft emerged as the winners of the event, with Hildreth/Van Gunst claiming third place. In the men’s bracket, the semifinals featured matches between Miles Evans/Chase Budinger and Trevor Crabb/Theo Brunner, as well as Tri Bourne/Chaim Schalk and Miles Partain/Andy Benesh. Crabb/Brunner advanced to the final, where they were defeated by Partain/Benesh.

U21 Beach World Championships

The U.S. pairs recently competed in the U21 Beach World Championships in Thailand. Samaya Morin/Taylor Wilson and Gage Basey/Thomas Hurst made it to the round of 16 after advancing from the main draw. Morin/Wilson faced Salinda/Jidapa (THA) and lost in three sets, while Hurst/Basey were defeated by Hanni/Burgmann (ITA). Both U.S. pairs finished tied for ninth place in the final standings.

World and Olympic Rankings

The FIVB world rankings have seen some changes in the men’s category after recent Beach Pro Tour events. Miles Partain and Andy Benesh are currently ranked third in the world with 7,100 points. Anders Mol/Christian Sorum (NOR) hold the top spot with 9,100 points. In the provisional Olympic rankings, Partain/Benesh are tied for fourth with 6,900 points. Trevor Crabb and Theo Brunner moved up to 16th place in the world rankings after winning silver at Challenge Haikou. In the provisional Olympic rankings, they are tied for sixth with 6,460 points. Tri Bourne and Chaim Schalk are ranked 24th in the world with 4,760 points, and they are provisionally ranked ninth in the Olympic ranking with 6,080 points. Miles Evans/Chase Budinger, after their gold medal win at Challenge Haikou, are just outside the top 25 world rankings at 26th place with 4,520 points. They are ranked 10th in the provisional Olympic list with 5,380 points.

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Q: What is the BPT Challenge Chiang Mai?
A: The BPT Challenge Chiang Mai is a beach volleyball event taking place in Thailand, featuring U.S. Beach National Team pairs competing against international teams.

Q: How are the U.S. pairs performing in the rankings?
A: The U.S. pairs have been performing well in the rankings, with some pairs holding top positions in both the world rankings and the provisional Olympic rankings.

Q: Are there any upcoming events?
A: Yes, the U21 Beach World Championships and the NORCECA Tour Final are two upcoming events where U.S. pairs will be competing.


The beach volleyball scene remains highly competitive, with U.S. pairs showcasing their skills on the international stage. Keep an eye on Alpinetgheep for more updates on the performances of U.S. Beach National Team pairs and the latest rankings.