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Beach Update: U.S. Teams Gear Up for Challenge Haikou

The 2023 FIVB Beach Pro Tour is back in action as Challenge Haikou approaches. This exciting event, taking place in China from November 2-5, will feature some of the top beach volleyball teams from around the world. In particular, the United States will be sending seven teams, all looking to improve their standing in the Olympic rankings before the season comes to a close.

U.S. Men’s Pairs

The U.S. men’s teams competing in Challenge Haikou include Chaim Schalk/Tri Bourne, Miles Evans/Chase Budinger, Trevor Crabb/Theo Brunner, and Tim Brewster/Kyle Friend. These pairs have been working hard to hone their skills and will be ready to give their best performance on the sand.

U.S. Women’s Pairs

Representing the U.S. on the women’s side will be Karly Kan/Katie Horton, Jade Race/Kylie Wickley, and Corinne Quiggle/Sarah Murphy. Quiggle and Murphy are coming off a strong performance at the Pan American Games, where they took home the bronze medal. With their recent success, they will be aiming to make a statement in Challenge Haikou.

Challenge Haikou is just the first of three remaining challenge events in 2023, with Thailand and the Philippines hosting the following competitions. The U.S. teams will be eager to leave their mark on these events as they continue their quest for Olympic qualification.

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Pan American Games Success

Quiggle and Murphy’s bronze medal win at the Pan American Games showcased their talent and determination. They defeated Ana Gallay/Fernanda Pereyra of Argentina in a thrilling match and secured their place on the podium. The duo’s strong serving and focused mindset were key factors in their success.

On the men’s side, Logan Webber and Hagen Smith narrowly missed out on a medal, finishing in fourth place. Despite the loss, they put up a tough fight against the Chilean duo of Marco Grimalt/Esteban Grimalt. Smith highlighted the unique experience of the Pan American Games, which provided a special atmosphere for athletes.

To learn more about the U.S. team’s performance at the Pan Am Games and for complete results, including pool play, visit our website.

USA Volleyball Beach Tour

Following Challenge Haikou, the USA Volleyball Beach tour will continue with three more events in November. The Gulf Shores – Fall Beach Classic National Qualifiers, Florida Region SSOVA Regional Qualifier, and GVCA November Beach Regional Qualifier will give teams another opportunity to compete and showcase their skills.

World Rankings and Olympic Rankings

In the women’s rankings, Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes are currently ranked second overall, followed closely by Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss in third place. Ana Patricia and Duda of Brazil hold the top spot. The men’s rankings see Miles Partain and Andy Benesh at third place, while the duo of Anders Mol and Christian Sorum from Norway are in the top spot.

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With their recent performance in Goa, Tri Bourne and Chaim Schalk have climbed up to the ninth spot in the provisional Olympic rankings, closing in on Trevor Crabb and Theo Brunner. These rankings will play a crucial role in determining which teams will qualify for the Olympics.

For the latest world rankings and provisional Olympic rankings, visit our website.


Q: How many teams will the U.S. be sending to Challenge Haikou?
A: The U.S. will be sending seven teams to Challenge Haikou.

Q: Which U.S. women’s team won the bronze medal at the Pan American Games?
A: Corinne Quiggle and Sarah Murphy won the bronze medal at the Pan American Games.

Q: Which country’s duo secured the top spot in the women’s world rankings?
A: Ana Patricia and Duda of Brazil are currently ranked first in the women’s world rankings.

Q: What are the remaining challenge events in 2023?
A: The remaining challenge events in 2023 will be held in Thailand and the Philippines.


Challenge Haikou is set to bring thrilling beach volleyball action as teams from around the world compete for top honors. The U.S. teams will be aiming to make their mark and improve their Olympic rankings. With recent successes at the Pan American Games, the U.S. has proven its talent and determination. The USA Volleyball Beach tour and the world rankings will provide additional opportunities for teams to showcase their skills. Follow the journey of the U.S. teams as they strive for beach volleyball excellence.

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