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Bethani Hincherick – USA Volleyball

Bethani Hincherick is a dedicated coach with over two decades of experience in coaching youth players and helping them reach their full potential in volleyball. As a former four-year letterwinner at Grand Valley State University, where she also served as captain in her senior year, Bethani has used her own experiences to develop her coaching skills and nurture the next generation of players.

Coaching Success and Achievements

For the past 20 years, Bethani has been coaching Elite Teams at the UNO Volleyball Club in Joliet, Illinois. During her 13-year tenure as UNO’s 14 Elite coach, she has shaped and molded hundreds of athletes into formidable players. Her coaching has led to over 10 appearances in the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships, showcasing her ability to mentor teams and help them reach their highest potential.

Fostering Growth and Creating Bonds

While Bethani has achieved great success on the court, her true coaching highlights lie in the “light bulb” moments when her players achieve their goals and the strong bonds she has formed with them. She takes pride in making volleyball simple and enjoyable for younger age groups, ensuring that they develop a passion for the sport early on.

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Youth Programs and Contributions

Bethani currently serves as the director of youth programs at UNO Volleyball Club. In this role, she has been instrumental in introducing volleyball to children between the ages of 2 and 4 through the Volleytot program. She has also developed the UNO Tiny Tippers program for first to third graders and the UNO Gems program for fourth and fifth graders, providing a strong foundation for young players to build upon.

Going Above and Beyond

In addition to her coaching responsibilities, Bethani also serves as a tournament director for UNO-hosted events and supports the club’s day-to-day operations. She goes the extra mile by offering private lessons to UNO Volleyball Club members, further enhancing their individual skills and growth.

A Commitment to Player Development

Bethani plays a crucial role in UNO’s focus on the holistic development of the players. Together with the rest of the coaching staff, they continuously evolve by staying current with the sport and dedicating countless hours to developing athletes in the area. As a result of their collective efforts, UNO Volleyball Club has become a powerhouse in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region.


Q: How long has Bethani Hincherick been coaching at UNO Volleyball Club?

A: Bethani has been coaching at UNO Volleyball Club for 20 years.

Q: What age groups does Bethani work with in the UNO youth programs?

A: Bethani works with children between the ages of 2 and 4 in the Volleytot program, first to third graders in the Tiny Tippers program, and fourth and fifth graders in the Gems program.

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Q: How many appearances has Bethani’s team made in the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships?

A: Bethani has led her teams to over 10 appearances in the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships.


Bethani Hincherick, a former collegiate volleyball player, has dedicated her career to coaching youth players and helping them succeed in volleyball. With 20 years of experience at UNO Volleyball Club, she has proven herself as a highly skilled and impactful coach. Bethani’s coaching has led to numerous appearances in national championships and has fostered strong bonds with her players. She is committed to the overall development of her athletes, providing youth programs and private lessons to ensure their growth. Bethani’s passion and dedication have made UNO Volleyball Club a force to be reckoned with in the region. Visit to learn more about Bethani and her coaching philosophy.

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