Monday, 22 Jul 2024

U.S. Boys U19 Start Strong at 2023 Worlds

The U.S. Boys U19 National Team had an impressive start at the FIVB Boys U19 World Championship in San Juan, Argentina. They dominated their match against Costa Rica, securing a 3-0 victory (25-20, 25-16, 25-15). The team showcased their skills and teamwork, setting a strong foundation for the tournament.

Strong Performance

The U.S. team displayed their dominance in several areas of the game. They recorded notable advantages in kills, blocks, and aces, with a final score of 39-28, 12-5, and 6-0, respectively. Ten U.S. players contributed to the team’s success, with five of them scoring six points or more. Finn Kearney, the team’s opposite hitter, led the way with an impressive performance, scoring 14 points on 10 kills, two blocks, and two aces. Sterling Foley, the outside hitter, also reached double digits with 11 points on 10 kills and one block.

Head Coach’s Praise

Head coach Charlie Sullivan expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, emphasizing the collective effort and focus displayed on the court. He acknowledged that the first match often involves some initial challenges, but praised the team for working through those moments and playing a solid game.

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Looking Forward

The U.S. Boys U19 National Team will face Egypt in their next match on Friday at 5 p.m. PDT. The coaching staff has been studying their opponents and acknowledges Egypt’s strength and experience, particularly their powerful attacking players. Coach Sullivan highlighted the importance of defending effectively against them and maintaining a solid and consistent performance.

Meet the Team

The U.S. Boys U19 roster for the World Championship consists of talented young athletes from various schools across the country. These players have been carefully selected for their skills and potential. (Insert image of U.S. Boys U19 team)


Q: How many teams are participating in the championship?
A: There are twenty teams competing in the FIVB Boys U19 World Championship.

Q: Where can I watch the matches?
A: You can catch the matches on the Volleyball World YouTube channel.

Q: What is the schedule for the U.S. team in the tournament?
A: The U.S. Boys U19 team will face Egypt, Argentina, and Serbia, with subsequent rounds and classification playoffs leading up to the finals and classification matches on August 11.


The U.S. Boys U19 National Team showcased their skills and teamwork with a convincing victory over Costa Rica in the FIVB Boys U19 World Championship. Their strong start sets a positive tone for the tournament, and fans can look forward to watching the team’s upcoming matches. To stay updated on the team’s progress, visit Alpinetgheep.