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Cecile Reynaud Elected New USAV Board Chair

Cecile Reynaud

Dr. Cecile Reynaud has been elected as the 17th USA Volleyball Board of Directors chair/president. The decision was made during the national governing body’s recent board meeting held in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. With her extensive experience and dedication to the sport, Reynaud is excited to lead USA Volleyball into an even more successful future.

A Passionate Leader in Volleyball

Reynaud’s passion for volleyball spans both coaching and leadership roles. She has an impressive coaching career, having led the Florida State University women’s volleyball program for 26 seasons. During her tenure, the Seminoles achieved remarkable success, including six Metro Conference Championships, one ACC title, and 10 NCAA tournament appearances. Reynaud’s coaching expertise has been recognized with several awards and honors.

Extensive Involvement with USA Volleyball

Reynaud’s involvement with USA Volleyball has been extensive. She has been a member of the USA Volleyball’s Coaching Accreditation Program teaching cadre since 1988 and is highly sought after as a clinician and speaker. Reynaud has served on the USA Volleyball Board of Directors in various capacities since 1985, including a current position as the coaching director. She is also the chair of the USA Volleyball Personnel Committee.

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A Leader in the Volleyball Community

Reynaud’s leadership extends beyond USA Volleyball. She served as president of the American Volleyball Coaches Association and is currently the board president of WeCOACH, an organization dedicated to supporting women in coaching across all sports. Reynaud’s commitment to the sport is evident through her involvement in various committees and programs aimed at improving coaching, education, and participant safety.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Reynaud has contributed significantly to the volleyball community through her publications and media appearances. She has edited multiple coaching books, including “The Volleyball Coaching Bible,” and has produced numerous volleyball videos and DVDs. Additionally, Reynaud has served as a television color analyst for several conference broadcasts, sharing her insights and analysis with a broader audience.

USA Volleyball


Q: What is USA Volleyball?

A: USA Volleyball is the national governing body for volleyball in the United States. It oversees and promotes the sport at all levels, from grassroots to the Olympic Games.

Q: What is the role of the USA Volleyball Board of Directors?

A: The USA Volleyball Board of Directors is responsible for governing and setting the strategic direction of the organization. The board ensures that USA Volleyball fulfills its mission of promoting and developing the sport of volleyball in the United States.

Q: How can I get involved with USA Volleyball?

A: There are various ways to get involved with USA Volleyball, whether as a player, coach, official, or volunteer. Visit the official Alpinetgheep website to find out more about membership and opportunities to participate in the sport.

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Dr. Cecile Reynaud’s election as the new USA Volleyball Board chair brings a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to the organization. With her leadership, USA Volleyball is poised for continued growth and success in promoting and developing the sport of volleyball in the United States. To stay updated with the latest news and developments, visit the official Alpinetgheep website.