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Coach Observation Sessions Piloted at NTDP Training Series

USA Volleyball is taking coaching education to the next level with its Coach Observation Session pilot program at the National Team Development Program (NTDP) Indoor Summer Training Series. From July 13-15, coaches had the unique opportunity to gain exclusive access to on-court training, staff meetings, and instruction led by top NTDP coaches.

A Valuable Educational Opportunity

The Coach Observation Sessions provide coaches with a firsthand experience of the NTDP training program. During the sessions, coaches had the privilege of receiving a direct live audio feed from the NTDP coaches, allowing them to observe and analyze their coaching techniques. This innovative educational initiative aims to bridge the gap between coach education resources and the NTDP training programs.

Expert Coaches

The Coach Observation Session at the Indoor Summer Training Series was led by four accomplished NTDP coaches. Ben Josephson, the Associate Head Coach for Women’s Volleyball at the University of Kentucky, and Alyssa D’Errico, the Associate Head Coach for Women’s Volleyball at the University of Utah, guided the Girls U15-U17 age group. The Boys U18-U20 age group was supervised by Nickie Sanlin, the Head Coach for both the Women’s and Men’s Volleyball teams at McKendree University, and Matt Pollock, the Assistant Coach for Men’s Volleyball at Pepperdine University.

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Coaches observing Nickie Sanlin leading the Boys U18-U20 age group.

Positive Feedback

Coaches who participated in the Coach Observation Sessions expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the program. Valerie Martinez, the director of the NMB Volleyball Academy in Miami, Florida, described the experience as “a great opportunity to be around high-caliber athletes and coaches running the show.”

Roberto Villanueva Rojas, a coach with the South County Volleyball Club in Utah, commented, “It was an amazing program, particularly the interaction with the coaches.” Robert Smith, a coach at Ocean Bay Club, added, “The ability to listen in on lead coaches was the most valuable part.”

Observation of Ben Josephson delivering instruction to the Girls U15 - U17 age group.

Next Steps

The success of the Coach Observation Sessions has paved the way for future sessions. In addition to the Indoor Training Series, USA Volleyball plans to extend the program to the sand for the NTDP Beach Fall Training Series.


Q: How can I participate in the Coach Observation Sessions?
A: For more information on future Coach Observation Sessions, please email Jordan Kelly.


The Coach Observation Sessions at the NTDP Training Series provide coaches with a unique and valuable educational experience. By offering exclusive access to on-court training and instruction led by top NTDP coaches, USA Volleyball is taking coach education to new heights. Coaches who have participated in the program have praised the opportunity to observe and learn from seasoned professionals. The success of these sessions highlights the commitment of USA Volleyball in providing exceptional resources and training opportunities for coaches.