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Dave Gentile Elected USA Volleyball Board Chair

David Gentile of Kansas City, Mo., has been elected as the 18th USA Volleyball Board of Directors chair. The announcement was made during the national governing body’s board meeting held online on June 1.

Gentile expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm for the role, stating, “I am honored and privileged to serve as the next USA Volleyball chair of the Board of Directors. This certainly adds to my commitment to serve the sport of volleyball and to continue my support with USAV.”

Gentile will be taking over the position from Dr. Cecile Reynaud, who has served as Chair since 2019. Reynaud’s term as a Board member comes to an end on June 30, and Gentile will assume the role on July 1. Gentile, who previously served on the USA Volleyball Board of Directors from 2005 to 2012, was elected to his current four-year term in August 2018 as the Junior Assembly Representative. If re-elected, he will continue serving as chair for another term.

Outside of his involvement with USA Volleyball, Gentile founded Mid-America Volleyball (MAVS) in November 1993 and served as the executive director of the youth volleyball club until September 2012. Under his leadership, the club grew from one team to 28 teams and became one of the most successful volleyball clubs in the Heart of America Region.

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Reflecting on his 25 years with USAV, Gentile stated, “I have tremendously enjoyed being part of USAV for the past 25 years. With my private sector as well as my volleyball club ownership experience through MAVS KC, I feel like I can help continue to support the efforts of USAV at the Board Chair level.”

In addition to his role with USA Volleyball, Gentile has also served on the Heart of America Region Board of Directors and held the position of vice president of USA Volleyball’s Juniors Division from 2005 to 2012. He returned to the same role in 2018.

Gentile’s professional background includes serving as the president and chief executive officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City until his retirement in September 2014. Afterward, he worked as a senior advisor and director of the Thought Leadership Center at Healthscape Advisors LLC for three years before becoming the managing partner of LifeCare Strategic Services LLC in October 2017.

Looking ahead, Gentile expressed his excitement for the future of USAV, saying, “This is an exciting time for USAV, going strong into the Olympics and Paralympics as well as junior national championships. As Chair elect, I look forward to starting my transition with the current Chair Cecile Reynaud and President and CEO Jamie Davis.”


Q: Who has been elected as the 18th USA Volleyball Board of Directors chair?

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A: David Gentile of Kansas City, Mo., has been elected as the chair.

Q: When will David Gentile assume the role of Chair?

A: Gentile will take over as Chair on July 1.

Q: What is David Gentile’s background in volleyball?

A: Gentile founded Mid-America Volleyball (MAVS) and served as its executive director. He has also held various positions within USA Volleyball.


David Gentile has been elected as the new chair of the USA Volleyball Board of Directors, succeeding Dr. Cecile Reynaud. Gentile brings a wealth of experience to the position, having served on the board previously and founded Mid-America Volleyball (MAVS), a successful youth volleyball club. His passion for the sport and dedication to USA Volleyball make him an excellent choice for the role. Gentile’s transition into the position will coincide with important events such as the Olympics and Paralympics, as well as the junior national championships. The future looks bright for USAV under Gentile’s leadership. Visit for more information.