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First Championship Day Crowns Eight Teams at BJNC

The first medal day at the 2021 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championship saw the coronation of eight deserving winners. With over 560 teams competing in Kansas City, it was a fierce battle for glory.

14s Division

In the 14 Open category, Team Rockstar 14 from Long Beach, Calif./SCVA, showcased their resilience by winning three highly competitive matches on the final day. Their first match of the day against WPVC Boys Armour Black (Orlando, Fla./Florida) was an intense showdown that went down to the wire, with Rockstar triumphing 31-29, 22-25, 15-12. They made an impressive comeback in the third set after being down 2-7. In the semifinal, they defeated Excel 14N (Carrolton, Texas/North Texas) before clinching the gold by beating MB Surf 14s 1 (Manhattan Beach, Calif./SCVA) in a closely contested match, 27-25, 26-24.

In the 14 Club division, Arizona Fear 14JS (Phoenix, Ariz./Arizona) emerged as the champions after a grueling three-set battle against SASVBC B14-1 (Honolulu, Hawaii/Aloha), with the final score being 30-28, 22-25, 15-4. Notably, this victory marked Arizona Fear’s fifth three-set match of the tournament. Head coach Joaquin Santa Cruz praised the efforts of his team and commended Kansas City for hosting the event, stating, “This is one of the coolest championship courts I’ve ever been a part of.”

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In the 14 USA division, 352 Elite Boys Adi 14 Lime (Ocala, Fla./Florida) displayed their dominance by losing only one set throughout the tournament. They secured the gold by defeating UVC 14 Miz Los Cab (Irvine, Calif./SCVA). Assistant coach Juan Negron highlighted the team’s improvement and expressed pride in both the players and the supportive parents, saying, “They improved so much in a short time, and we are blessed to be here.”

15s Division

Balboa Bay (Newport Beach, Calif./SCVA) had an exceptional showing in the 15s division, emerging victorious in both the Open and Club categories. In the Open division, Balboa 15 Blue claimed the title by defeating Bay to Bay (Campbell, Caif./NCVA) in a thrilling match that ended 15-1, 25-22, 25-23. Assistant coach Kyle Anema expressed his pride in the team’s journey and their unwavering dedication.

In the Club division, Balboa 15 White triumphed over MOD Elite B15 Blue (Skokie, Ill./Great Lakes) in a hard-fought three-set battle, with the final score being 25-15, 23-25, 15-11.

16s Division

Balboa Bay continued their winning streak in the 16 age group, as their 16 Blue team claimed the Open title by defeating 630 Volleyball 16-1 (Darien, Ill./Great Lakes) in straight sets, 25-20, 25-15. Notably, Balboa did not drop a single set throughout the tournament. Head coach Rich Polk credited the team’s resilience and their ability to overcome various challenges.

Bay to Bay 16-2 emerged as the champions in the 16 USA division after a thrilling match against Ocean Bay 16 Waves (Deerfield Beach, Fla./Florida), with Bay to Bay prevailing with a score of 25-22, 22-25, 15-9. Head coach Josh Nolan expressed his astonishment at his team’s remarkable performance and their ability to overcome struggles throughout the year.

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In the 16 Club division, Victory 16-1 (Gilbert, Ariz./Arizona) dominated the competition, winning all of their 14 matches without dropping a set. They secured the gold by defeating Ku’Ikahi 16R RoShamBo (Honolulu, Hawaii/Aloha) with a convincing score of 25-17, 25-16. Victory head coach Jeff Grover acknowledged the importance of winning and praised the level of competition at the tournament.


  1. How many teams participated in the 2021 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championship?

    • Over 560 teams competed in the tournament.
  2. Which team won the 14 Open division?

    • Team Rockstar 14 (Long Beach, Calif./SCVA) emerged as the champions in the 14 Open division.
  3. How many sets did Balboa Bay’s 16 Blue team lose in the tournament?

    • Balboa Bay’s 16 Blue team did not drop a single set throughout the tournament.
  4. How many matches did Victory 16-1 (Gilbert, Ariz./Arizona) play without losing a set?

    • Victory 16-1 played 14 matches without losing a set.


The first championship day at the 2021 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championship showcased the remarkable talent and resilience of young athletes. The crowned winners in each division displayed tremendous skill, determination, and teamwork. Congratulations to all the teams on their impressive achievements, and a special thanks to Kansas City for hosting a memorable event.

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