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Girls U18 Training Team for 2021: A Promising Lineup of Talented Athletes

USA Volleyball is thrilled to announce the selection of 24 exceptional athletes for the 2021 Indoor Girls U18 National Training Team. These young talents will undergo rigorous training and compete at the FIVB U18 World Championship in Durango, Mexico, from September 20 to 29. The team will gather at the USAV training center in Anaheim, California, from July 17 to 23 for practice sessions led by the esteemed head coach, Jamie Morrison.

A Strong Coaching Staff Dedicated to Success

With Jamie Morrison at the helm, the team is in capable hands. Having previously served as the technical coordinator for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Men’s Team and an assistant coach for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Women’s Teams, Morrison’s experience and expertise are invaluable. Assisting him are Michelle Chatman-Smith and Alisha Glass Childress, both accomplished coaches who bring their own unique insights to the team.

A Diverse and Talented Roster

The Girls U18 National Training Team is a testament to the depth of talent across the nation, with players hailing from eighteen different USAV regions. This diverse roster showcases the best young volleyball players from various parts of the country, including four players from the Southern California Region and representatives from the Badger, Intermountain, and Ohio Valley regions.

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A Legacy of Excellence

The United States, as the defending champion of the Girls U18 World Championship, aims to continue its legacy of excellence. The training program not only focuses on preparing for the upcoming championship but also instills in these talented athletes the values and mindset necessary to pursue their dreams of becoming Olympians.


Q: What is the goal of the National Team Development Program?

A: The National Team Development Program aims to identify the best athletes in the United States, nurture their talents, and pave the way for their journey towards becoming Olympians.

Q: How many players will be selected to compete at the FIVB U18 World Championship?

A: Twelve players will be chosen from the training team to represent the United States at the FIVB U18 World Championship in Durango, Mexico.


The 2021 Indoor Girls U18 National Training Team is a testament to the sheer talent and potential of young athletes in the United States. This promising lineup of 24 players, led by head coach Jamie Morrison, is set to make a mark in the upcoming FIVB U18 World Championship. With a diverse roster representing various USAV regions, the team embodies the nation’s commitment to excellence in volleyball. Through this training program, these exceptional athletes are not only preparing for the championship but also embarking on a journey that may lead them to Olympic glory.

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