Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

Give Boys Volleyball a Chance

I invite all readers to join me in sharing their best practices, success stories, and ideas that can help boys aged 5-18 make volleyball a lifelong sport. During my time at the USAV Annual meetings in Phoenix, I witnessed the dedication and passion of older men playing volleyball competitively. These individuals participated in the US Open, where they faced double elimination on the final day. It was truly inspiring to see their commitment to the sport.

In addition to celebrating the lifelong nature of volleyball, we had the opportunity to interview the first USA Olympians in Volleyball from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Their reflections and insights will be featured on the USAV website later this summer.

Boys volleyball is steadily growing at both the high school and collegiate levels. Men’s volleyball was the first sport in 15 years to be added to the NCAA National Championships, and currently, there are 136 NCAA men’s teams across the country. There is also a significant presence of Collegiate Club Men’s programs. While boys volleyball participation at the high school level lags behind girls volleyball, the numbers are improving.

To encourage the growth of boys and men’s volleyball programs, I would love to hear from those who have successfully expanded these programs. In the comments section below, please share your ideas and experiences. If you prefer, you can also email Leslee directly.

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Here are some initiatives that have proven effective in promoting boys volleyball:

PowerPuff Volleyball: This fundraiser event allows girls varsity volleyball players to coach senior and junior teams in a volleyball battle after the basketball season ends.

Coed Competition: Volleyball is a wonderful sport that can be played coed at any age. The net can be raised for boys to the adult men’s height starting at the 15 and under level.

Smashbal: This version of the game for elementary school students has significantly increased boys volleyball participation in Holland.

Father Son/Mother Son Volleyball Competition: Organize clinics and age group doubles matches for juniors, followed by parent-child competitions on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Boys Spring Volleyball Event: This after-school league provides an affordable and time-efficient platform for boys to experience volleyball on a lower net.

Creating a School Boy’s Team: Encourage schools to add boys volleyball teams and provide guidance and coaching assistance.

“Lost Boys” Volleyball Project: A program that rewards boys based on skill, effort, and improvement, and offers incentives such as T-shirt decals or stickers.

Increasing Awareness for Boys Volleyball: Include boys’ volleyball teams at major girls’ events and designate one or two courts specifically for boys or men to use during the tournament.

Adding a Boys Program: Encourage the addition of boys either as part of a coed training program or as a separate team in junior programs.

Mad Hatter Event: An individual-based tournament where teams are formed randomly before each round. Prizes are awarded based on scores.

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I am excited to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can continue to grow this wonderful sport for boys and men. Together, let’s give boys volleyball the chance it deserves.