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Jon Lee

Jon Lee: A Passionate Volleyball Advocate

Jon Lee discovered the sport of volleyball later in life, when his daughter joined a local club team in 1989. What began as a parent’s introduction quickly turned into a lifelong commitment to the sport. As a lawyer by profession, Jon found a way to leverage his expertise to contribute to the volleyball community, even before safety measures became a nationwide mandate.

During his tenure as the Evergreen Region commissioner from 1996 to 2008, Jon played an instrumental role in advancing both the Evergreen Region and USA Volleyball as a whole. He spearheaded the establishment and update of the Regional Due Process procedure, laying the groundwork for other regions to follow suit.

Jon’s contributions extend beyond his region and into the national volleyball scene. He served on various committees and was selected to the USA Volleyball Board of Directors in 2000, representing the Regional Volleyball Association Assembly for 14 years.

In recognition of his remarkable achievements, Jon has received multiple awards from USA Volleyball, including the Dr. Neville “Doc” Booth Outstanding Commissioner Award in 2006, the Rebecca B. Howard Diversity Star Award and the Joseph B. Sharpless Arbitrator Service Award in 2008, and the George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball Award in 2014.

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Jon Lee remains an active participant in the Evergreen Region as the commissioner emeritus, an at-large board of director, and the region’s Ethics and Compliance Officer. His passion and dedication continue to make a lasting impact on the sport of volleyball.


Q: What role did Jon Lee play in advancing athlete safety?

A: During his time as the Evergreen Region commissioner, Jon Lee established and updated the Regional Due Process procedure, which has become a template for other regions. This work ensured athlete safety and served as a catalyst for similar initiatives nationwide.

Q: How has Jon Lee contributed to USA Volleyball on a national level?

A: Jon Lee’s contributions to USA Volleyball are extensive. He served on various committees, including the Governance Committee, Ethics and Compliance Committee, Structure and Function Committee, Insurance Committee, Diversity Committee, Membership Review Committee, and Pacific Zone Committee. He was also selected to the USA Volleyball Board of Directors in 2000 and represented the Regional Volleyball Association Assembly for 14 years.


Jon Lee’s journey in volleyball is an inspiring example of dedication and passion. From his initial introduction to the sport as a parent to his influential role as the Evergreen Region commissioner, Jon has tirelessly worked towards advancing athlete safety and promoting the growth of volleyball. His expertise as a lawyer has been invaluable in establishing due process procedures and ensuring compliance within the sport. Jon’s impact extends beyond his region, as he has made significant contributions at the national level through his involvement in various committees and as a member of the USA Volleyball Board of Directors. His outstanding achievements have earned him multiple prestigious awards from USA Volleyball, highlighting his incredible commitment to the sport.

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