Monday, 22 Jul 2024

Kloth Leads CNT Red to Victory Over CNT Blue

The U.S. Collegiate National Team – Minneapolis (CNT-Minneapolis) kicked off its competition phase at the Minneapolis Convention Center with an exciting match between CNT Red and CNT Blue. The spirited game drew in approximately 1,000 fans, many of whom were also participating in the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships.

Taryn Kloth of Creighton University, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was the standout player for CNT Red, leading her team to a 3-0 victory. With 13 points, all on kills from 29 attacks, Kloth proved to be a force to be reckoned with. She also displayed excellent reception skills, achieving a 50% positive reception rate on 18 chances.

In an interview, Kloth expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to wear the USA jerseys and her team’s determination to give their best on the court. She emphasized the camaraderie and learning experience gained from training with the other talented players and dedicated coaches.

Despite having limited time to train together, Kloth and her teammates showcased exceptional teamwork and skills. CNT Red secured the win with contributions from Casey Schoenlein, Amber Witherspoon, Darrielle King, and Rachael Anderson, who all played key roles in the game.

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On the CNT Blue side, Veronica Jones-Perry stood out with 10 kills, while Kirstie Hillyer, Leah Hardeman, and Amanda Green also made valuable contributions to their team. Both Taylor Tashima and Kristyn Nicholson performed admirably as setters, setting the stage for their team’s offensive plays.

CNT Red’s dominant performance in the blocking category, with a score of 13-7, and their solid serving, with a 5-1 ace advantage, played a significant role in their victory.

Next up, CNT Blue will attempt to secure a win against CNT White, followed by CNT Red facing CNT White in the final round-robin match. The top two teams will then compete for the championship on Friday.

The CNT-Minneapolis program, which serves as a second tryout for the U.S. Women’s National Team, has been training at the University of Minnesota since June 22. The program not only focuses on developing high-performance skills but also provides an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their talent.

In summary, the match between CNT Red and CNT Blue displayed the impressive skills and teamwork of the collegiate players. The win for CNT Red was well-deserved, thanks to outstanding performances from Taryn Kloth and her teammates. The remaining matches in the round-robin format promise to be exciting, and fans can look forward to witnessing the best of collegiate volleyball talent.