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Men’s College Roundup – March 17

The college roundup for men’s volleyball brings you the latest updates and highlights from the NCAA Division I/II and Division III rankings. This week, we see some movement in the rankings, with Penn State and UCLA swapping places in the DI/II category. In the DIII section, newcomer Messiah enters the top five rankings for the first time this season. Join us as we take a closer look at some of the key matches and athletes who are part of the USA Volleyball National Team Development Program.

NCAA Division I/II

No. 1 Hawaii

Despite suffering a loss to Penn State on March 10, snapping their unbeaten streak, Hawaii has had an impressive season with a record of 17-1. They recently secured a win against No. 3 UCLA, solidifying their position at the top. Dimitrios Mouchlias leads the team in kills per set, ranking 10th in the country. Guilherme Voss has been a standout player in blocks.

Next up for Hawaii is a series of games against No. 4 Long Beach State.

No. 2 Penn State

Penn State had a successful outing in Hawaii, going 2-1 in the Outrigger challenge. They secured a victory against No. 1 Hawaii, adding to their overall record of 17-2 for the season. Cal Fisher and Ryan Merk have been instrumental in their recent win against Purdue Ft. Wayne.

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Penn State will be facing St. Francis in their upcoming match.

No. 3 UCLA

With a 19-2 record, UCLA has been a force to be reckoned with this season. Their only loss came from No. 1 Hawaii at the Outrigger Invitational. David Ido and Alex Knight have been standout players in kills and digs respectively.

UCLA’s next challenge will be on the road, as they take on Stanford.

No. 4 Long Beach State

Long Beach State holds a solid 11-2 record for the season. They recently secured victories in their matches against UC Santa Barbara. Sotiris Siapanis and Simon Thorwie have been key contributors in kills and blocks.

In their next series of games, Long Beach State will be facing off against No. 1 Hawaii.

No. 5 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon University has had an outstanding season with a record of 19-1. Their most recent win against Princeton keeps them undefeated at home. Camden Gianni and Rico Wardlow have been leading the team in kills and blocks.

Grand Canyon University will face Princeton once again in their upcoming match.

NCAA Division III

No. 1 Stevens

Stevens has proven to be a formidable team with a record of 22-2. Their most recent win against NYU showcased the skills of Percy Bickford and Philip Bone, leading the team in kills and digs.

Next, Stevens will be on the road to face Hood College.

No. 2 Vassar

Vassar holds a 15-1 record for the season after defeating Elmira. Andrew Kim and Jorge Adames Reyes have been standout players in kills and digs.

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Their next challenge will be against Monroe at home.

No. 3 Juniata

Juniata boasts a 17-2 record, with their most recent win against Arcadia. Kevin Duffy III and Reese Ganter have been instrumental to their success in kills and digs.

Juniata’s next match will be against UC Santa Cruz in California.

No. 4 Springfield

Springfield holds an 18-2 overall record for the season. Their recent win against New Paltz showcased the skills of Jarrett Anderson and Braden Gonzalez.

Next up for Springfield is a match against SUNY Potsdam.

No. 5 Messiah

Messiah is a newcomer to the top five rankings with a record of 16-2. Their recent win against Kings College (Pa.) showcased the abilities of Mason Nissley and Connor Stauffer.

Messiah’s next challenge will be against Widener.


  • Q: How are the rankings determined?

    • A: The rankings are sourced from AVCA.org, where they utilize various factors such as team performance and individual player statistics to determine the rankings.
  • Q: What is the USA Volleyball National Team Development Program?

    • A: The USA Volleyball National Team Development Program aims to identify and develop talented athletes for future national teams. It provides opportunities for players to train and compete at a higher level.


The men’s college volleyball season continues to bring excitement and outstanding performances. As the teams battle it out on the court, we can expect more intense matches and incredible displays of skill. Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses!

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