Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

MVVC Started from the Bottom Now It’s Here

The Mountain View Volleyball Club (MVVC) from the Northern California Region proved that perseverance and determination can lead to success. After losing their first match in the 18 Open Division, the team rallied together and climbed their way to the top.

The players knew that the only way to go was up, and they fought harder with each match. Their efforts paid off in the end, as they played their best volleyball in the tournament’s final game. In a thrilling match against Balboa Bay of the Southern California Region, MVVC emerged victorious with a 25-22, 19-25, 15-9 win.

This victory was significant for MVVC, as they had never won a set against Balboa Bay before. The team entered the tournament as underdogs with a chip on their shoulder, and their determination and fire propelled them to the win.

MVVC Head Coach Jonah Carson praised his team for their resilience and ability to bounce back from their early loss. The tournament showcased their growth and development throughout the season, and their ability to respond to challenges.

Setter Kevin Mathew expressed his disbelief and joy after the match. The victory felt surreal to him, and he couldn’t believe that they had pulled it off.

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In addition to MVVC’s victory, other teams showcased their skills in different divisions. Spike and Serve Boys 18s from the Aloha Region claimed the 18 USA title, while AZ Fear 18 JB from the Arizona Region emerged victorious in the 18 Club final.

The BJNC is a highly anticipated tournament that spans over eight days and features divisions from Open to Club. Teams must go through qualifications or receive at-large selections to participate.

With their impressive performance, MVVC has proven that success is possible with determination and resilience. Congratulations to the team on their well-deserved victory!


Q: How did MVVC perform in the tournament?
A: MVVC showed remarkable resilience and fought their way to the top, ultimately winning the 18 Open Division.

Q: How did MVVC fare against Balboa Bay before this tournament?
A: Prior to this tournament, MVVC had never won a set against Balboa Bay.

Q: What was the key to MVVC’s success in the tournament?
A: MVVC’s success can be attributed to their determination, resilience, and ability to respond to challenges.


The Mountain View Volleyball Club (MVVC) from the Northern California Region achieved an impressive victory in the 18 Open Division. After losing their first match, the team fought hard and showcased their resilience throughout the tournament. Their determination paid off in the final match against Balboa Bay, where they emerged victorious. MVVC’s success is a testament to their ability to bounce back, their growth throughout the season, and their unwavering determination. Congratulations to MVVC on their well-deserved win!

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