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Results from third 2017 beach NORCECA playoff

USA Volleyball recently hosted its third beach NORCECA playoff, showcasing exciting matchups and new partnerships. In this tournament, Lauren Fendrick and Kelly Claes emerged as the top-performing women’s team, while Bill Kolinske and Miles Evans took the victory in the men’s bracket. Although the playoff did not grant teams the opportunity to participate in a NORCECA Continental Tour tournament due to the cancellation of the Ochos Rios event in Jamaica, the competition remained fierce and thrilling.

Impressive performances by Lauren Fendrick and Kelly Claes

Lauren Fendrick and Kelly Claes, a newly formed partnership, displayed remarkable synergy and skill throughout the tournament. Despite it being their first time playing together, they dominated their opponents, securing a 2-0 win against Kim DiCello/Emily Stockman and a hard-fought victory against Jace Pardon/Caitlin Ledoux in the semifinals. In the final, they emerged as the winners after a forfeit by runners-up Brooke Sweat/Summer Ross. Brittany Hochevar/Emily Day showcased their resilience by claiming third place with a spectacular comeback win against Pardon/Ledoux.

Exciting matchups in the men’s bracket

In the men’s bracket, Bill Kolinske and Miles Evans demonstrated their prowess, finishing in first place. Their journey to the top involved victories against Casey Patterson/Stafford Slick and Sean Rosenthal/Trevor Crabb. The battle for second place was intense, with John Mayer/Billy Allen ultimately securing the spot. Sean Rosenthal/Trevor Crabb claimed third place after a series of competitive matchups.

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Cancellation of the Ochos Rios tournament

Regrettably, the NORCECA tournament in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, scheduled for November 3-5, was canceled. Despite this setback, the United States concluded the 2017 NORCECA Continental Tour on a high note, collecting a total of 11 medals, including two golds. The teams showcased their talent and determination, making the most of the opportunities they had.

Beach Volleyball


Q: What is NORCECA?

A: NORCECA stands for North, Central America, and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation. It organizes beach volleyball tournaments and promotes the sport within the region.

Q: Will there be future NORCECA tournaments?

A: Yes, NORCECA regularly organizes tournaments, providing teams with opportunities to showcase their skills and compete at a high level.


Although the cancellation of the Ochos Rios tournament was disappointing, the third beach NORCECA playoff displayed the immense talent and dedication of the participating teams. Lauren Fendrick and Kelly Claes proved to be an exciting new partnership, while Bill Kolinske and Miles Evans showcased their dominance in the men’s bracket. The passion exhibited by these athletes serves as a testament to the growing popularity and competitiveness of beach volleyball within the NORCECA region.

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