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Stellar Finish for USAV Beach in Fortaleza

Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson continue to make waves in the world of beach volleyball, recording their second consecutive fifth-place finish at the Fortaleza Open. Meanwhile, Emily Stockman and Amanda Dowdy achieve a career-best performance by defeating the defending World Champions. Let’s dive into the highlights from this exciting event!

Gibb and Patterson’s Impressive Journey

As the U.S. men’s point leaders, Gibb and Patterson showcased their skills by securing their sixth Top 5 finish in qualification. Their journey began with a stunning upset of the top-seeded team in the second round. In the quarterfinals, they faced a tough challenge from Germany’s Jonathan Erdmann and Kay Matysik, ultimately finishing in fifth place.

Notably, this fifth-place finish will positively impact their Olympic qualification points. The duo can now drop their lowest finishes out of the required 12 events. With a total of 16 events in the qualification time period, this performance will replace one of their six ninth-place finishes.

Stockman and Dowdy’s Triumph

Emily Stockman and Amanda Dowdy, recent partners who joined forces just last week at the AVP New Orleans Open, made an impressive debut on the FIVB Tour. After a rocky start in pool play, they rallied back with a first-round win against China in three sets. In the next round, they faced the top-ranked Agatha Bednarczuk and Barbara Seixas of Brazil. Stockman and Dowdy emerged victorious after a thrilling match, winning 15-12 in the third set.

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This fifth-place finish marks a career best for both Stockman and Dowdy, highlighting their potential as a formidable team on the international stage.


  1. Who were the top finishers at the Fortaleza Open?

    • Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson finished in fifth place.
    • Emily Stockman and Amanda Dowdy also finished in fifth place.
  2. Which other U.S. women’s teams participated in the tournament?

    • Jennifer Fopma and Brittany Hochevar, Kimberly DiCello and Kendra Vanzwieten, and Lane Carico and Summer Ross tied for ninth place.
    • Carico/Ross and Fopma/Hochevar won their pools, earning them a spot in the second round.
  3. What are the upcoming events in the world of beach volleyball?

    • Sochi Open (May 3-8)
    • AVP Huntington Beach Open (May 5-8)
    • Antalya Open (May 10-15)
    • U21 World Championships (May 11-16)
    • Cincinnati Open (May 17-22)
    • NVL Port St. Lucie (May 20-22)
    • Moscow Grand Slam (May 24-29)
    • AVP Seattle (June 2-5)
    • Hamburg Grand Slam (June 7-12)
    • Olsztyn Grand Slam (June 14-19)
    • AVP New York City (June 16-19)
    • NVL San Antonio (June 24-26)
    • Porec Major (June 28-July 3)


The Fortaleza Open showcased the incredible talent and determination of beach volleyball players from around the world. Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson displayed their consistency and skill, earning a fifth-place finish and improving their Olympic qualification points. Emily Stockman and Amanda Dowdy made a memorable debut as a team, defeating the defending World Champions and securing a career-best fifth-place finish. With more exciting events on the horizon, the future of beach volleyball looks bright. Stay tuned for more action-packed tournaments! Visit Alpinetgheep for more information on the world of beach volleyball.

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