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Tiara and Volleyballs: A Story of Ambition and Success

Kelsey Moore, a 19-year-old redshirt freshman at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), has proven that determination knows no bounds. Despite starting volleyball and pageantry later than her peers, Moore has excelled and carved a unique path for herself.

Discovering New Passions

Moore’s journey began with a conversation with a family friend who saw potential in her. Recognizing her talent and competitiveness, they encouraged her to pursue both professional volleyball and a career in political reporting. Eager to make a name for herself, Moore entered the Miss El Paso USA Pageant, a stepping stone to the prestigious Miss Texas USA Pageant.

A Surprising Victory

Against seasoned veterans and in her first-ever pageant, Moore emerged victorious, winning the Miss El Paso USA Pageant. This achievement earned her a place in the highly anticipated Miss Texas USA Pageant. Despite the demands of her volleyball season at UTEP, Moore gave her all and won the Best Swimsuit category, securing her spot in the final five. Eventually, she triumphed over 106 competitors, proudly wearing the Miss Texas USA crown.

Balancing Volleyball and Pageantry

Returning to El Paso, Moore was taken aback by her newfound celebrity status. She quickly realized the immense opportunities that came with her pageant success, from a custom crown and a scholarship to a college in Missouri, to speech and communication training. As a student-athlete on a full volleyball scholarship, Moore has ensured that her pageant achievements do not interfere with her athletic eligibility. Her dedication to both pursuits demonstrates her commitment and time management skills.

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A Remarkable Journey

Moore’s story is one of perseverance and determination. Starting her volleyball journey in high school, she quickly rose to success, winning a state championship and earning recognition for her skills. A move to Arizona introduced her to the competitive world of club volleyball, where she honed her abilities and made the difficult decision to focus solely on volleyball.

Lessons from Volleyball and a Message to Youth

Volleyball has taught Moore valuable life lessons, such as setting goals and having a competitive drive. She advises young athletes to follow their hearts and work hard for what is important to them, regardless of societal or parental expectations. Moore believes that knowing one’s limits and pursuing personal passions are key to success.

A Bright Future

In addition to her athletic and pageantry achievements, Moore is actively involved in her community, participating in various volunteer activities. Looking ahead, she aims to win the Best Swimsuit contest at the Miss USA Pageant and make a lasting impact.


Q: How did Kelsey Moore get involved in both volleyball and pageantry?
A: A family friend encouraged Moore to increase her visibility for a future in professional volleyball and reporting. This led her to enter the Miss El Paso USA Pageant, eventually winning and securing a place in the Miss Texas USA Pageant.

Q: How does Kelsey Moore balance her volleyball and pageant commitments?
A: Despite the demands of her volleyball season, Moore manages her time effectively, ensuring her pageant achievements do not affect her athletic eligibility.

Q: What advice does Kelsey Moore have for young athletes?
A: Moore encourages young athletes to trust their hearts, work hard for what they believe in, and make decisions based on their own passions and goals.

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Kelsey Moore’s journey from volleyball player to pageant queen is a testament to her unwavering dedication and determination. Starting late in both pursuits, Moore has overcome challenges, emerging as a remarkable athlete and successful pageant contestant. Her story serves as an inspiration to young athletes, reminding them to pursue their dreams, regardless of societal expectations. With the Miss USA Pageant on the horizon, Moore’s future looks promising. Follow her journey and be inspired to chase your own dreams.