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Tournament Reflection: Embracing the Future

Even though the BYU volleyball team faced a tough loss to Ohio State in the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship, the players already have their sights set on what’s next. Ben Patch, Brenden Sander, and Jake Langlois are gearing up for a summer filled with more volleyball. They will be training with the U.S. Men’s team at the American Sports Center in Anaheim, Calif. Patch and Langlois are on the preliminary roster for the FIVB World League, while Sander will be preparing for the Pan American Cup.

Looking Forward to USA Volleyball

After the championship match, Patch expressed his excitement for joining USA Volleyball and taking his skills to the next level. He is eager to move on mentally and improve his game. As Patch still has a season of eligibility left, he has made the decision to not return to BYU and pursue professional volleyball, with the ultimate goal of making the 2020 Olympic Team. This match marked the end of his time as a Cougar, and he believes that the past year has been the most important of his athletic career, both in terms of personal growth and perseverance.

From Youth and Junior National Teams to College Success

Both Patch and Sander have benefited from their experiences in the USA Volleyball high-performance pipeline and their participation in the youth and junior national teams. Sander acknowledges that these opportunities have provided him with a wider range of skills and systems to perform at his best. Despite Langlois’ late start in the sport, he has found tremendous value in the past two summers spent training in the U.S. gym. The increased repetitions and exposure have allowed him to improve in all areas of the game.

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Ohio State’s Success and Future Endeavors

On the Ohio State side, senior setter Christy Blough, who also has a background in USA Volleyball, is headed to medical school. He believes that his volleyball experience has prepared him in numerous ways, from time management to teamwork and resilience. Blough recognizes the transferable skills that he will carry into his medical career.

Through the highs and lows of competition, these athletes have grown both personally and athletically. They understand the importance of embracing opportunities and constantly striving for improvement. As the tournament comes to a close, it’s clear that their dedication to the sport will continue to drive them forward in their respective endeavors.

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Q: Will Ben Patch be returning to BYU for another season?

A: No, Ben Patch has decided to pursue professional volleyball and will not be returning to BYU.

Q: What are Brenden Sander’s plans after the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship?

A: Brenden Sander will be training for the Pan American Cup with the U.S. Men’s team this summer.

Q: How has the USAV high-performance pipeline aided the players’ college careers?

A: The experience gained through the USA Volleyball high-performance pipeline has provided players like Sander and Patch with a wider range of skills and systems to excel in their college careers.

Q: What has Christy Blough learned through his volleyball experience?

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A: Christy Blough, a senior setter for Ohio State, believes that his volleyball experience has prepared him in many aspects, including time management, teamwork, and resilience.

Q: Where can I find more information about the tournament and box scores?

A: For detailed box scores and additional tournament information, please visit Alpinetgheep.


The NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship may have come to an end, but for these dedicated athletes, it’s just the beginning of new opportunities. Ben Patch, Brenden Sander, and Jake Langlois are ready to take their skills to the next level as they train with the U.S. Men’s team. Their experiences in the youth and junior national teams have shaped their college careers, and they continue to grow both mentally and physically.

Similarly, Christy Blough from Ohio State recognizes the invaluable lessons he has learned through volleyball, which will aid him as he enters medical school. Through hard work and resilience, these athletes have shown the importance of embracing challenges and constantly striving for improvement.

As fans and supporters, we can look forward to witnessing the continued success of these athletes as they pursue their dreams. The tournament may be over, but the journey is far from finished.