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Transitioning Back to Team USA Fast Offense

The U.S. Women’s National Team is renowned for its fast offense, setting itself apart from the rest of the world. However, due to players participating in different pro club leagues with varying playing styles across three continents, this crisp timing and connection were temporarily put on hold. Now that the pro league season has concluded, Team USA has refocused its efforts on regaining that offensive edge.

Resuming training at the American Sports Centers in Anaheim, the squad has quickly reignited the bonds between setters and hitters, eagerly preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio. This transition back to the USA gym has been relatively seamless for the players, despite the varying styles experienced abroad.

Courtney Thompson, U.S. Women’s setter, remarked on the unique speed of the American offense, even in comparison to the Brazilian club Rexona-ADES, which won the Brazil Superliga this spring. Thompson expressed her excitement about being back with the team, highlighting the fast-paced and enjoyable training sessions.

Similarly, Foluke Akinradewo found the transition smoother than expected, adjusting to the faster pace of Team USA’s game compared to her Swiss team, Volero Zurich. After spending seven months playing abroad, Akinradewo appreciates the competitive and hardworking atmosphere of the USA gym.

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Kelsey Robinson, who recently returned from playing in the Italian League playoffs, is delighted to be back in Anaheim. With the familiarity of playing alongside other Team USA members, she quickly adapted to the team’s dynamic. The players’ connections and chemistry remain just as strong as when they played together in Italy.

With less than a month to prepare for the defense of their FIVB World Grand Prix crown, the U.S. Women’s Team is gearing up for the preliminary rounds. They will face Germany, Thailand, and China in Ningbo, China, followed by hosting Germany, Japan, and Turkey in Long Beach, California. The preliminary round concludes in Hong Kong with matches against Germany, Netherlands, and China. The top five teams will then advance to the World Grand Prix Finals in Bangkok.

As Team USA continues to train and refine their fast offense, the players are eagerly anticipating the challenges ahead. With their exceptional speed and connection, they are poised to make a strong statement in the upcoming competitions.


Q: How does Team USA’s fast offense compare to other teams?

A: Team USA’s fast offense stands out among the rest of the world. According to U.S. Women’s setter Courtney Thompson, the speed and style of play are unique, making them one of the fastest-running teams globally.

Q: How has the transition back to the USA gym been for the players?

A: The transition back to the USA gym has been relatively smooth for the players. While each player had their own adjustments to make based on their experiences abroad, the overall atmosphere and training have been competitive and enjoyable.

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Q: What are the upcoming competitions for Team USA?

A: Team USA is preparing for the defense of their FIVB World Grand Prix crown. They will participate in the preliminary rounds against teams like Germany, Thailand, China, Japan, and Turkey. The top five teams from the preliminary round will advance to the World Grand Prix Finals in Bangkok.


Team USA’s Women’s National Team is focused on regaining their fast offensive edge after a season of playing abroad in various pro club leagues. With the bonds between setters and hitters rekindled and the team back together, they are eagerly preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio. The transition back to the USA gym has been relatively seamless for the players, thanks to their hard work and dedication. As they gear up for the FIVB World Grand Prix, the team’s fast offense continues to make them a formidable force in international volleyball. To stay updated on Team USA’s journey, visit