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Tuaniga Leads Young U.S. Men’s Team at NORCECA Championship

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Introduction: Welcome to Alpinetgheep! In this article, we are thrilled to share the exciting news about the upcoming 2021 Men’s NORCECA Continental Championship. A team of talented young athletes, most of whom are still in college, will proudly represent USA Volleyball in Durango, Mexico. Led by Josh Tuaniga, who served as an alternate in the 2020 Olympics, this team promises to deliver an exhilarating performance. Get ready to witness the next generation of volleyball stars in action!

Young and Promising Players

The U.S. Men’s Team for the 2021 Men’s NORCECA Championship is comprised of 14 exceptional players. Among them, Josh Tuaniga stands out as the team captain and setter, bringing invaluable experience as an Olympic alternate. Joining him are players such as Jake Hanes, Jalen Penrose, and Kyle Dagostino, who have already gained professional international exposure.

The College Connection

Notably, the team also includes a group of talented collegians who have proven themselves on the court. Camden Gianni, Spencer Olivier, Will Rottman, and Brett Wildman are the skilled outside hitters, while Tyler Mitchem, Merrick McHenry, Keenan Sanders, and Austin Wilmot dominate as middle blockers. Additionally, Sam Kobrine and Mason Briggs serve as setter and libero, respectively. It’s worth mentioning that all collegians, except for Rottman, were part of the prestigious 2021 Men’s Collegiate National Training Team.

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The Coach’s Perspective

U.S. Head Coach Andy Read, who is affiliated with the Balboa Bay Club and serves as a voluntary coach for Long Beach State, eagerly shares his thoughts on the team. He commends the talent and potential of the young players, many of whom will be making their debut in representing the USA. The team’s training sessions have exposed them to a high level of play, thanks to the rigorous preparations they underwent prior to the Volleyball Nations League.

Assisting Coach Read are Keith Smith, men’s assistant coach at Grand Canyon, and Galen Dodd, men’s assistant coach at Loyola of Chicago. Together, they form a formidable coaching team that ensures the players are fully prepared for the challenges they will face.

Pool Assignments

In the upcoming championship, the U.S. Men’s Team will compete in Pool B alongside Cuba, the defending 2019 NORCECA champion, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Pool A consists of Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad & Tobago. This arrangement sets the stage for intense matches as each team battles for a spot in the final.

Previous Achievements and Ambitions

The U.S. Men’s Team aims to build upon their success in the 2019 NORCECA Championship, where they secured the silver medal after a thrilling showdown against Cuba. Players such as Kyle Dagostino, T.J. DeFalco, Kyle Ensing, and Mitch Stahl were part of that memorable team. Their experience, along with the young talents in the current roster, creates an exciting blend of skills and aspirations.

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Q: Where will the 2021 Men’s NORCECA Continental Championship take place?
A: The championship will be hosted in Durango, Mexico.

Q: Who is the captain and setter of the U.S. Men’s Team?
A: Josh Tuaniga, an Olympic alternate, holds the vital roles of team captain and setter.

Q: How many players are there in the U.S. Men’s Team?
A: The team consists of 14 talented individuals, most of whom are still in college.

Q: Which teams are in Pool B with the U.S. Men’s Team?
A: The U.S. Men’s Team will compete against Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala in Pool B.

Q: What achievements did the U.S. Men’s Team have in the previous NORCECA Championship?
A: In the 2019 NORCECA Championship, the U.S. Men’s Team clinched the silver medal, falling just short of the gold against Cuba.


The 2021 Men’s NORCECA Continental Championship is set to showcase the tremendous talent of the U.S. Men’s Team. Led by captain Josh Tuaniga, this group of young athletes is ready to take on the challenge in Durango, Mexico. With a mix of experienced players and promising collegians, the team is poised to make a lasting impression. Prepare to witness thrilling matches and spectacular performances as the U.S. Men’s Team competes against formidable opponents. Stay tuned to Alpinetgheep for updates on this exhilarating volleyball event!

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