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U.S. Boys U19 Team Advances to Round of 16 at World Championship

U.S. Boys U19 Team

The U.S. Boys U19 team has made it to the round of 16 at the FIVB World Championship! Despite a loss in their first match against Serbia, the U.S. Boys have shown great determination and skill throughout the tournament. In this article, we will recap their journey so far and look ahead to their upcoming match against Puerto Rico.

A Tough Start

In their first match against Serbia, the U.S. Boys put up a strong fight but ultimately fell short, losing 3-1. Although they faced some challenges, they won their pool and secured a spot in the round of 16. The team’s performance has been impressive, with standout players making key contributions on the court.

A Team on the Rise

The U.S. Boys team is filled with talented athletes who have excelled in their respective positions. Outside hitter Sterling Foley has been a force to be reckoned with, showcasing his skills and scoring six points in a single set. Finn Kearney, playing as an opposite, has also made a significant impact, leading the team with 16 points.

Areas for Improvement

While the U.S. Boys have shown great potential, there are areas where they can make improvements. In their match against Serbia, they struggled with their service line, committing 15 service errors. Addressing and rectifying these issues will be crucial as they move forward in the tournament.

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Looking Ahead

Next up for the U.S. Boys is a match against Puerto Rico, the fourth-place finishers in Pool C. This match will take place on Aug. 9 at 5 p.m. PT. The team is determined to put their best foot forward and secure a spot in the quarterfinals.


Q: How has the U.S. Boys U19 team performed in the World Championship so far?

A: Despite a loss in their first match against Serbia, the U.S. Boys have won their pool and advanced to the round of 16.

Q: Who are some standout players on the U.S. Boys U19 team?

A: Sterling Foley, an outside hitter, and Finn Kearney, an opposite, have been standout performers for the team.

Q: What are the areas for improvement for the U.S. Boys team?

A: The U.S. Boys team needs to address their service line performance, as they committed 15 service errors in their match against Serbia.


The U.S. Boys U19 team has shown great determination and skill in the FIVB World Championship. Despite a loss in their first match, they have qualified for the round of 16 and are eager to face Puerto Rico. With a talented roster and a drive to succeed, the U.S. Boys are primed for success in the tournament.

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