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U.S. Men’s National Team Continues Dominance at 2023 Pan Am Final Six


The U.S. Men’s National Team showcased a new lineup in their recent match against Puerto Rico at the 2023 Pan Am Final Six. The team secured another impressive win with a 3-0 victory, demonstrating their continued dominance in the tournament.

A New Lineup, A Resounding Victory

The U.S. Men’s Team made strategic changes to their starting lineup for the match against Puerto Rico. Michael Marshman and Merrick McHenry had their first starts as middle blockers, Kyle McCauley started as an outside hitter for the first time, and libero Mason Briggs made his first start. Jordan Ewert, Camden Gianni, and Andrew Rowan completed the starting lineup. This fresh lineup proved to be a winning combination.

Total Control on the Court

The U.S. Men’s Team displayed their superiority throughout the match, outclassing Puerto Rico in kills, blocks, and aces. With an impressive scoreline of 34-19 in kills, 10-4 in blocks, and 9-2 in aces, the U.S. dominated every aspect of the game. They capitalized on Puerto Rico’s errors and scored 22 points from them, while giving up only 20 points.

Standout Performances

Jordan Ewert led the team in scoring with 14 points, showcasing his skills with six kills, two blocks, and an impressive six aces. He also excelled in receiving, leading the team with eight excellent receptions. Camden Gianni, who started the first two sets, contributed 13 points with ten kills, one block, and two aces. Gianni also led the team in digs with five.

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The Journey Towards Excellence

Camden Gianni expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, highlighting their commitment to constant improvement. “I thought the boys fought hard today. The whole mentality for this tournament is to take another step forward for the next day,” Gianni remarked. The team’s collective goal is to make incremental progress each day, whether it’s in reading blocks, analyzing opponent attacks, or refining their serving and passing. This mindset has propelled them forward, leading to their commendable performance in the tournament.

A Strong Supporting Cast

While Ewert and Gianni stole the spotlight, the contributions of other team members should not be overlooked. Kyle McCauley tallied eight points with seven kills and one block. Marshman showcased his prowess at the net, scoring six points with three blocks and three kills. Jalen Penrose, who replaced Gianni in the third set, made an impact with six points from four kills, one block, and one ace. McHenry also played a crucial role, contributing five points with three kills and two blocks. Rowan and backup setter Bryce Dvorak efficiently set the team to a .416 hitting efficiency. Briggs provided valuable support with three digs and six excellent receptions.

Looking Ahead

The U.S. Men’s Team is set to face Canada, another undefeated team, in a highly anticipated showdown. This match promises to be a thrilling battle between two strong teams. The round-robin preliminary round will conclude on September 23, followed by the medal matches on September 24. The U.S. will aim to secure their place in the gold medal match and continue their pursuit of victory.

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How can I watch the matches?

All matches will be livestreamed on TheVolleyballCanada YouTube channel.

Can you provide the U.S. Men’s roster for the Pan American Cup?

Here is the list of players representing the U.S. Men’s Team in the Pan American Cup:

No. Name Position Height Hometown
2 Troy Gooch L 6-0 Buffalo, N.Y.
4 Jordan Ewert OH 6-5 Antioch, Calif.
6 Bryce Dvorak S 6-4 Newport Beach, Calif.
9 Matthew Knigge MB 6-7 New Egypt, N.J.
10 Camden Gianni Opp 6-5 Carlsbad, Calif.
12 Andrew Rowan S 6-7 Trabuco Canyon, Calif.
13C Patrick Gasman MB 6-10 Clovis, Calif.
20 Zach Rama OH 6-8 Phoenix, Ariz.
21 Mason Briggs L 6-0 Long Beach, Calif.
22 Kyle McCauley OH 6-4 Huntington Beach, Calif.
23 Michael Marshman MB 6-7 Glenmont, N.Y.
25 Ethan Champlin OH 6-3 Oceanside, Calif.
26 Merrick McHenry MB 6-7 Bedford, Texas
27 Jalen Penrose OP 6-8 Cambridge, Mass.


The U.S. Men’s National Team continues to impress at the 2023 Pan Am Final Six. With their latest victory against Puerto Rico, they have proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The team’s exceptional performance, strategic lineup changes, and determination to improve each day have set them apart from their competition. As they face Canada and continue their journey in the tournament, the U.S. Men’s Team aims to make their mark and secure their spot on the top podium.

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