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U.S. Women’s Junior Team Soars to Victory Against Puerto Rico

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (July 26, 2016) – The U.S. Women’s Junior National Team showcased their dominance in a thrilling match against Puerto Rico at the NORCECA U20 Continental Championship in Fort Lauderdale. The team’s outstanding performance in the victory secured their position as the top seed in their pool.

Rising Above the Competition

The U.S. started the match with a bang, maintaining a lead throughout the first set. Impressive blocking by Brionne Butler and Stephanie Samedy propelled the team to a comfortable advantage. The U.S. showcased their prowess at the net, out-blocking Puerto Rico with a staggering 17-3 advantage, including nine blocks in the first set.

Serving and Blocking – Strengths Unleashed

Captain Sydney Hilley expressed the team’s satisfaction with their serving and blocking capabilities, stating, “We worked a lot on blocking at practice today and it really paid off. I think serving and blocking are really our big strengths.”

A Team Effort

In a testament to the depth of their roster, the U.S. deployed almost every player in their victory. The team’s dominant display at the net, combined with consistent serving, allowed them to secure crucial points at key moments, overpowering their opponents.

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Standout Performances

Brionne Butler and Lexi Sun led the charge for the U.S. in this match, both contributing 16 points each. Butler’s formidable presence was felt with her five blocks and 10 kills, while Sun displayed her versatility with 11 kills, four blocks, and an ace. Thayer Hall and Taryn Knuth also made significant contributions with eight kills each.

Looking Ahead

The U.S. team will face Mexico in their final pool play match. Both teams currently hold a 2-0 record, making this matchup crucial for securing the top seed in the pool. The first seed will earn a bye for the quarterfinals, while the second seed will face the third seed from the other pool in a crossover quarterfinal match.

Stay tuned as the U.S. team continues to showcase their skills and pursue victory in the NORCECA U20 Continental Championship.


Q: Who is leading the U.S. Women’s Junior National Team?
A: Head Coach Laurie Corbelli is at the helm, with Assistant Coaches Brian Wright and Genny Volpe supporting the team. Technical Coordinator Jesse Tupac and Team Leader Lizzy Briones are also invaluable members of the coaching staff.

Q: What are the U.S. team’s strengths?
A: The U.S. team possesses a formidable combination of serving and blocking prowess. Their dedication to these aspects of the game has paid off, evident in their impressive performances against Puerto Rico.


In this exhilarating match, the U.S. Women’s Junior National Team showcased their exceptional skills and teamwork against Puerto Rico. Their powerful blocking and serving abilities were key factors in their victory. With standout performances from players like Brionne Butler and Lexi Sun, the U.S. team demonstrated their depth and determination. As they prepare to face Mexico in their final pool play match, the team is focused on securing the top seed and continuing their journey towards winning the NORCECA U20 Continental Championship. To witness more thrilling matches and support the U.S. team, visit

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