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Undefeated Teams Shine at Nationals


In a thrilling display of skill and determination, two undefeated teams emerged victorious at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships. SG Elite Roshambo and Arizona Sky Gold Synergy showcased their dominance throughout the tournament, solidifying their positions as the top teams in their respective divisions.

SG Elite Roshambo: Unstoppable Force

SG Elite Roshambo from the Southern California Region left a trail of defeated opponents in their wake as they claimed the gold medal in the 12 National ranks. With an impressive record of losing just one set on their path to victory, the team’s success was no surprise to their dedicated fans.

The championship match saw SG Elite face off against Boiler Juniors Gold from the Hoosier Region. With a display of exceptional teamwork and skill, SG Elite emerged triumphant with a commanding 25-8, 25-7 victory. The players’ synchronized efforts and unwavering determination were evident throughout the match.

It’s worth noting that this victory marked a back-to-back success for SG Elite Roshambo, as they had previously clinched the 2018 title in the 11s division. Head coach William Wong attributed their success to their unwavering dedication and the occasional strategic adjustments made to maximize their strengths against formidable opponents.

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Arizona Sky Gold Synergy: A Stellar Performance

In the 12 American division, Arizona Sky Gold Synergy from the Arizona Region displayed an extraordinary level of play. Like SG Elite, they remained undefeated throughout the entire tournament, facing fierce competition in 11 matches.

Head coach Darci Tilghman expressed her team’s elation in reaching the gold medal match and their determination to give their best performance. Their opponents, Gulfside Navy from the Florida Region, proved to be strong contenders. However, Arizona Sky Gold Synergy’s ability to adapt their defensive strategies and maintain aggressive serving ultimately secured them a hard-fought victory with scores of 25-20, 25-21.

Coach Tilghman spoke highly of her team’s chemistry and the trust they have in each other. As the players move up to a higher division, she expressed her fondness for coaching them and acknowledged the remarkable connection they share as a team.


Q: Which teams secured third place in their divisions?

A: In the 12 National division, third place went to GVA Dark Blue from Puerto Rico and Madfrog 12 N Green from the North Texas Region. Meanwhile, in the 12 American division, Drive Nation 12 Red from the North Texas Region and Rockwood Thunder 12 Elite from the Gateway Region secured third place.


The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships showcased the immense talent and dedication of young athletes from across the country. SG Elite Roshambo and Arizona Sky Gold Synergy stood out as unbeatable forces in their respective divisions, leaving a lasting mark on the tournament.

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Their victories serve as a testament to the power of teamwork, resilience, and unwavering determination. As these teams continue to grow and evolve, fans eagerly anticipate their future achievements on the volleyball court.

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