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16s Bring Exciting Competition at BJNC

The Boys Junior National Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah, witnessed an intense battle in the 16 division, where four teams claimed victory. This annual event drew over 300 teams, comprising athletes aged 12-18, creating an electric atmosphere in the city.

16 Open: Mavs 16 Red Overcome Challenges

Mavs 16 Red from the Heart of America had a remarkable journey to clinch the 16 Open title. Facing obstacles on and off the court, including a player quitting and another with a concussion, they showed remarkable resilience. Interim head coach Jen Morgan shared her pride in the team’s ability to pull together.

Their path to victory wasn’t without hurdles. After six consecutive wins, they faced defeats against Vegas United B16 Black and Club V MP 16U Black. However, they regrouped and secured a win against Lobos Boys 16Black, setting up a rematch with Vegas United in the final. The Mavs turned the tables to claim the championship.

16 USA: Boys BASVBC 16 Black Dominates

Boys BASVBC 16 Black from the Gateway Region proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the fiercely competitive 16 USA division. With an impressive 11-1 record and losing only three sets throughout the tournament, they showcased their dominance. In the final, they defeated West Edge 16 Waves from Southern California with a score of 25-16, 25-20.

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Head coach Gabriel Norsigian expressed his satisfaction in achieving their goal for the season. The team had faced early injuries and position changes, but they found their rhythm at the right time. Forza1 West 16 ONE Boys (Southern California) and Team Colorado 16 Black (Rocky Mountain) secured third place.

16 American: Vortex VBC 16-1 Triumphs

Vortex VBC 16-1 from the Intermountain Region cemented their national title in the 16 American division, boasting an impressive 9-1 record. Coach Chad Barrett expressed his excitement and pride in this new team, which had only been together for six weeks. Vortex’s only loss came against Team Momentum B16 Navy (Gateway), but they avenged it in the final, winning 21-25, 25-23, 15-12.

MVC 16 Black (Arizona) and SNVF Boys U15 (Puget Sound) secured third place.

16 Club: APEX1 16A1 Black Emerges Victorious

The 16 Club division witnessed impressive competition with 38 teams vying for the top spot. The final showdown between APEX1 16A1 Black (Southern California) and Evolution 16/15 Elite (Southern California) delivered an exhilarating match. APEX lost the first set 22-25 but bounced back to win the second set 29-27. Engaging in a thrilling decider, APEX emerged victorious with a score of 16-14.

Head coach Peter Le expressed his pride in APEX’s hard work, particularly as they were ranked third. Kinnect 16 Forest (Northern California) and LBVC 16Gerald (Southern California) both secured third place, with Kinnect’s only loss occurring in the semifinals against Evolution.


Q: How many teams participated in the Boys Junior National Championship (BJNC)?
A: Over 300 teams joined the 43rd annual BJNC in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Q: What age range of players competed in the 16 division?
A: Athletes aged 12-18 participated in the 16 division at the BJNC.

Q: Which teams emerged as champions in the 16 Open division at the BJNC?
A: Mavs 16 Red from the Heart of America claimed victory in the 16 Open division.

Q: Who was the champion in the 16 USA division at the BJNC?
A: Boys BASVBC 16 Black from the Gateway Region emerged as the champion in the 16 USA division.

Q: Which team won the 16 American division at the BJNC?
A: Vortex VBC 16-1 from the Intermountain Region emerged as the champions in the 16 American division.

Q: Who emerged as the winner in the 16 Club division at the BJNC?
A: APEX1 16A1 Black from Southern California emerged as the champions in the 16 Club division.


The Boys Junior National Championship in Salt Lake City showcased a thrilling competition in the 16 division. Mavs 16 Red, Boys BASVBC 16 Black, Vortex VBC 16-1, and APEX1 16A1 Black claimed the titles in the 16 Open, 16 USA, 16 American, and 16 Club divisions, respectively. These teams demonstrated their resilience, dominance, and hard work to emerge as champions despite facing challenges along the way. The BJNC brought together hundreds of teams and thousands of athletes, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.