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2019 FIVB Jinjiang 4-star

The 2019 FIVB Jinjiang 4-star tournament brought together top beach volleyball teams from around the world, competing fiercely for glory. Let’s take a closer look at the results and the standout performers from the event.

U.S. Competitors

The United States fielded a strong lineup of competitors, both in the men’s and women’s divisions. Here are the teams that represented the US:


  • Bourne/Crabb
  • Lucena/Dalhausser
  • Hyden/Doherty
  • Patterson/Budinger


  • Claes/Sponcil
  • Hughes/Ross
  • Flint/Day
  • Sweat/Walsh Jennings


The tournament showcased thrilling matches and intense competition. Here are the highlights of the results:


In the qualifying rounds, Patterson/Budinger made an impressive start, securing a bye in Qualifying Round 1 and defeating Nu/Yang (CHN) 21-15, 21-14 in Qualifying Round 2.

In Pool B, Saxton/O’Gorman (CAN) overcame Hyden/Doherty 21-18, 21-17, but Hyden/Doherty bounced back with a convincing win against Yan/Li (CHN) with a score of 21-16, 21-17.

Patterson/Budinger dominated in Pool C, defeating Hudyakov/Velichko (RUS) 21-10, 21-17. However, Herrera/Gavira (ESP) got the better of them, winning 21-15, 21-15.

In Pool D, Lucena/Dalhausser triumphed over Mol/Bernsten (NOR) in a close match, finishing with a score of 23-21, 21-12. But Lucena/Dalhausser faced defeat at the hands of Liamin/Myskiv (RUS) with a score of 21-19, 21-17.

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Crabb, Tr/Bourne dominated their Pool G match, defeating McHugh/Schubert (AUS) 21-16, 21-15. However, they narrowly lost to Evandro/Bruno Schmidt (BRA) 21-15, 20-22, 17-15.

The knockout rounds saw intense matches, with each team fighting for a spot in the final. Hyden/Doherty, Lucena/Dalhausser, Crabb, Tr/Bourne, and Mol/Bernsten all showcased their skills, but eventually, it was Mol/Bernsten and Crabb, Tr/Bourne who advanced to the semifinals.

In the semifinals, Mol/Bernsten emerged victorious against Crabb, Tr/Bourne with a score of 21-15, 21-15. Crabb, Tr/Bourne then faced Andre/George (BRA) in the third-place match, but were defeated 21-17, 21-10, finishing in fourth place.


The women’s division also witnessed fierce competition. In the qualifying rounds, Sweat/Walsh Jennings secured a bye in Qualifying Round 1 and defeated Kaho/Reika (JPN) with a score of 21-13, 21-15 in Qualifying Round 2.

Flint/Day started strong in Pool C, defeating Birlova/Ukolova (RUS) 17-21, 21-14, 15-11. However, they faced defeat against Agatha/Duda (BRA) with a score of 21-12, 21-16.

Hughes/Ross showcased their skills in Pool D, defeating Radarong/Hongpak (THA) 21-13, 21-19, and Wojtasik/Kociolek (POL) 21-14, 21-18.

Sweat/Walsh Jennings dominated Pool E, securing victories against Heidrich/Verge-Depre (SUI) 21-10, 21-18, and Clancy/Artacho Del Solar (AUS) 21-18, 21-18.

In Pool H, Claes/Sponcil faced a tough challenge against Graudina/Kravcenoka (LAT), losing 21-19, 21-16. However, they bounced back, defeating Xia/Wang (CHN) 21-19, 21-17.

The knockout rounds showcased thrilling matches, with Sweat/Walsh Jennings, Claes/Sponcil, Talita/Taiana Lima, Hughes/Ross, and Flint/Day all vying for a spot in the final. In the end, it was Sweat/Walsh Jennings who emerged as the top team, securing victory in the final against Clancy/Artacho Del Solar (AUS) with a score of 21-17, 21-19.

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Q: Who were the top performers in the men’s division?
A: The standout performers in the men’s division were Mol/Bernsten from Norway, who emerged as the champions of the tournament.

Q: Which US team performed the best in the women’s division?
A: Sweat/Walsh Jennings, representing the United States, performed exceptionally well and clinched victory in the women’s division.

Q: How did the US teams fare overall in the tournament?
A: The US teams put up a strong performance in the tournament, with Sweat/Walsh Jennings finishing in first place in the women’s division. Crabb, Tr/Bourne achieved an impressive fourth-place finish in the men’s division.


The 2019 FIVB Jinjiang 4-star tournament was a thrilling display of beach volleyball excellence. Top teams from around the world competed fiercely, showcasing their skills and determination. The tournament saw standout performances from Sweat/Walsh Jennings and Crabb, Tr/Bourne from the United States. The intense matches in both the men’s and women’s divisions kept fans on the edge of their seats. Overall, the event highlighted the incredible talent and passion that drives the sport of beach volleyball. To learn more about the tournament and stay updated on future events, visit the official website of Alpinetgheep at Alpinetgheep.com.