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Coach Academy Excerpt: Fundamental Beach Skills

Learning is an exciting journey, and part of that journey involves continuous improvement. There is no better way to enhance skills than through practice and hands-on experience. In the Fundamental Beach Skills module offered by the USA Volleyball Coach Academy, Beach Nation, an esteemed educational provider, shares valuable insights and practical tips on coaching fundamental beach skills. The module aims to equip coaches and athletes with the necessary tools to develop their skills in passing, setting, serving, and hitting using expert techniques demonstrated by members of Team USA.

Fundamental Skills Covered

  • Passing
  • Setting – Hand Setting and Bump Setting
  • Serving
  • Hitting

Key Takeaways

Here are some valuable takeaways from the module that will help you enhance your understanding of the fundamental skills covered:

Passing: When possible, it is essential to position your feet to the ball and avoid leaning forward on one foot.

Setting: Setting is the second contact after the pass. Athletes can be trained to perform this skill either using their hands or their platform. A good setter must release early to the middle of the court or the Point of Preparation (POP) in order to set the ball effectively for the hitter to attack.

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Serving: As a server, your goal is to make the passers move by serving to areas they are not positioned in. A well-placed serve makes defense more challenging for the opponents, as it is harder to pass and set the ball accurately.

Hitting: After receiving the pass, the attacker needs to establish their Point of Preparation (POP). This point may vary depending on the pass’s location. The POP allows the hitter to prepare, evaluate the set, and time their approach. It is crucial for the attacker to get their feet to the ball and maintain control during the attack.

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Q: How can I access the full module on fundamental beach skills?

A: To access the full module, you can subscribe to the USA Volleyball Coach Academy. This subscription provides you with comprehensive educational resources, interactive graphics, videos, and drill outlines that will enhance your coaching skills.

Q: Are there any discounts available for USA Volleyball members?

A: Yes, USA Volleyball members can enjoy exclusive pricing and discounts when subscribing to the Coach Academy. Take advantage of these benefits to further your coaching expertise and stay ahead in the game.

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In the Coach Academy’s Fundamental Beach Skills module, Beach Nation shares invaluable insights into coaching essential beach skills. The module covers passing, setting, serving, and hitting techniques, providing coaches and athletes with the necessary tools to excel in these areas. By subscribing to the USA Volleyball Coach Academy, you gain access to interactive graphics, videos, and drill outlines that bring the content to life. Take this opportunity to enhance your coaching skills and propel your team to new heights. Visit the Alpinetgheep website to learn more and join the Coach Academy today!