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Loren Paulozzi – USA Volleyball

Loren Paulozzi has been instrumental in the success of Ohio Valley Region’s Southwest VBC, turning it into a thriving family-centric community. With close to 25 years of experience, Loren started his coaching and club director career when his daughters Charlotte and Amy were playing volleyball in grade school. Today, both of his daughters serve as coaches on the Southwest staff, contributing to the club’s achievements in northeast Ohio.

Southwest VBC focuses on fostering excellence in volleyball and promoting community engagement. Loren has established a program that not only develops exceptional volleyball skills but also nurtures competitiveness, unity, and leadership abilities that extend beyond the realm of athletics.

As a CAP Level I certified coach, Loren has coached all age levels within the club, ranging from 10-and-under to 18-and-under. Southwest VBC, a close-knit family-oriented club, caters to the very young by offering National, American, and U teams. Since its inception, the club has trained over 3,000 players, with many teams representing the USA Volleyball nationals. Several of the club’s alumni have pursued successful volleyball careers at the collegiate level.

While currently not offering boys’ teams, Southwest VBC has previously included them in their program. Loren notably served as the Ohio Valley Region’s Boys Program Director from 2008 to 2010, spearheading the growth of boys’ clubs with innovative grassroots strategies.

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Southwest VBC provides various services to its members, including college exposure opportunities through online profile postings, fundraising initiatives, preseason training sessions, and a welcoming family atmosphere. The club embraces both competitiveness and enjoyment, challenging all teams, players, and coaches to set ambitious goals for personal growth, both on and off the court.

In addition to his dedication to Southwest VBC, Loren had a successful 30-year career at General Electric, managing their computer facility while simultaneously running the club. His wealth of experience and commitment have undoubtedly contributed to the club’s ongoing prosperity.


Q: How long has Loren Paulozzi been coaching and directing Southwest VBC?

A: Loren Paulozzi has been coaching and directing Southwest VBC for almost 25 years, starting when his daughters were playing volleyball in grade school.

Q: What types of teams does Southwest VBC offer?

A: Southwest VBC offers National, American, and U teams for young players.

Q: How many players has Southwest VBC trained since its inception?

A: Southwest VBC has trained over 3,000 players since its establishment.

Q: Have any Southwest VBC alumni pursued volleyball careers at the college level?

A: Yes, several alumni from Southwest VBC have continued their volleyball careers in college.

Q: What additional services does Southwest VBC provide to its members?

A: Southwest VBC offers college exposure opportunities, fundraising initiatives, preseason special positioning training, and promotes a family atmosphere while maintaining competitiveness and fun.


Loren Paulozzi’s impact on Ohio Valley Region’s Southwest VBC is evident through the club’s history of success and commitment to excellence. With nearly 25 years of coaching and directing experience, Loren has built a family-oriented community that fosters volleyball skills, competitiveness, unity, and leadership development. Southwest VBC offers various teams and has trained over 3,000 players, with many alumni continuing their volleyball journeys at the collegiate level. The club provides valuable services such as college exposure opportunities, fundraising support, preseason training, and aims to cultivate personal growth both on and off the court. With Loren’s dedication and expertise, Southwest VBC remains a prominent force in Northeast Ohio’s volleyball community.

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