Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

TAV 13 Black Emerges Victorious Against Dynasty 13 Black

In an exciting clash between two unbeaten teams, TAV 13 Black emerged as the victor, defeating Dynasty 13 Black in a thrilling match at the USAV Girls Junior National Championships. The competition, held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, showcased the incredible talent and determination of these young athletes.

Both TAV and Dynasty entered the final with impeccable records, with nine wins and no losses. The stage was set for an intense battle, and the teams did not disappoint. TAV took an early lead in the first set and maintained their advantage throughout. In the second set, Dynasty fought back and secured a well-deserved victory. The match reached its climax in the third set, with both teams giving their all. TAV managed to fend off a relentless Dynasty and claimed the championship with a final score of 15-13.

The road to the final was not an easy one for either team. TAV overcame Nebraska Elite 13 Thunder in the semifinals, winning convincingly with scores of 25-18 and 25-11. Dynasty faced a tough challenge against KC Power 13-1, ultimately prevailing with scores of 25-21 and 25-22.

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TAV Head Coach Corinne Atchison expressed her pride in her team’s achievement, emphasizing their hard work and dedication throughout the tournament. Captain Emily Simmons echoed this sentiment, highlighting the team’s growing confidence as the competition progressed.

The 2018 Girls Junior National Championships encompassed various divisions, and other champions were crowned on the same day. Seal Beach 13-Black emerged victorious in the American Division, while Palm Beach Jrs. 13 Elite claimed the title in the National Division. AZ REV 13 Premier triumphed in the USA Division.

This exhilarating competition was made possible by the support of Sport Court, the official athletic flooring for all USA Volleyball national championship events.

Congratulations to TAV 13 Black for their outstanding performance in the final, showcasing their talent, teamwork, and determination.